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 Like many  people, I love reading books. My preference is usually fiction. They are real enough for me because the author is engaging our imagination by using his or her acquired knowledge or experience of whatever the subject might be to take the reader into the imagined world of the characters. We can journey into worlds we might not otherwise be able to while envisioning just what it might be like to have the same experience the characters in those stories are having.

I especially love to read suspense thrillers. Often enough, the main character is someone with a well developed set of skills which enables them to effectively deal with a very dangerous situation. The protagonist might be an active spy, a retired secret service agent or a former navy SEAL, as examples. Those books are just great to escape into.

Several years ago, I began to wonder about what happens when ordinary people without that specialized kind of background nonetheless find themselves in some of the very dangerous situations life may throw our way. So, I began writing my own books from that perspective.

And now they are available for you to read and experience for yourself.

My hope is that not only will you thoroughly enjoy reading them, but that they will also enrich your life.

I am writing you to announce my website

My books are set in Charleston, SC and take place now.

 ‘In Search of the Lost Light’ is the story of Willy O’Shea, a formerly very successful person who was living the dream—and then lost all of it. As the reader meets him, Willy is plunging deeply into the darkest parts of his soul. Each time he thought he finally hit rock bottom, things got even worse. The book is primarily about what happens next in Willy’s life as he searches for new inspiration and a new life. On that path, he has a variety of life experiences that amaze and inspire him.

After hiding from the world for many, many months, he emerges and begins to spend time with old friends who introduce him to new ones. He begins the seemingly impossible work of finding the missing light of inspiration that will guide him into a new life.  Willy begins to have new experiences that brighten his world even further.  Along the way, he spends time with a therapist who gives him daily assignments-work he must do himself. The reader does not know what those assignments are, but travels along with Willy as he moves progressively forward into a new and meaningful life.

The key moment for Willy is his realization that by simply shifting the way he looks at himself and all of his experiences, he discovers that he already has everything he needs to make the impossible real.

‘Wow! Shift Happens!’ is a workbook to accompany ‘In Search of the Lost Light.’  It is those assignments and a whole lot more. This is primarily a book of questions for the reader to answer. We are blessed to have many great and useful  ‘self-help’ books available to us, but ultimately the only person who has your best answers is you. You already have those answers, but often they are obscured by a lifetime of accumulated obstacles. ‘Wow! Shift Happens!’ should help you remove those obstacles and put you further down your pathway to abundance—to an even richer and more meaningful life.

‘The Eye of the Storm’ (to be re-released in September, 2014) is the story of Jacob O’Leary, a stockbroker who doesn’t realize until it is too late that he is in the middle of a centuries old feud between two of Charleston’s oldest families.  A murder has occurred, someone has vanished and large sums of money seem to be missing-and Jacob just might be a suspect. While Jacob travels around the lowcountry of South Carolina, the real killers are closing in on him.

And so is Hurricane Danielle. Jacob takes his sailboat to an isolated creek to ride out the storm, believing he has only the hurricane to worry about. He thinks he is alone. He is wrong.

Danger descends upon Jacob with a treacherous fury he does not know that he can handle.  As the storm swirls around him, Jacob discovers he is far more powerful than he has ever imagined.His entire life has prepared him to deal with this exact moment. After the storm has passed, Jacob O’Leary’s life will never be the same.

The web address is

From the website, you can order the books from Amazon in either print or Kindle digital format.

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